This is the title of a modestly funded proposal submitted by Naomi Joy Smith and A. Keala Young, to work on developing socio-technical systems for enhancing the capacity of the Permaculture CoLab community to meet the aims of the colab. These aims promote inter-network cooperation.

The concept is to organize a participatory commons based on the use of interoperable technical infrastructure and knowledge sharing, intended for trans-local communities focusing on:

Our first proof-of-concept blends:


Since the project providing funding, Capacity+, has earmarked further funding toward training and increasing both quality and quantity of engagement in the pccolab, we are setting up a system to:

  1. make events hosted by partner networks easier to discover (these involve not only educational but also relationship-building within and across networks; and opportunities to present work)
  2. assist anyone with knowledge or facilitation skills to host an event, responding to gaps of conversation or information sharing (or local relevance) in the broader network
  3. begin to transvest our fiat resources and those of sponsoring or participation organizations into a regenerative, agent-centric economy which values participation, experimentation, and nuance.

Michael Linton's model "Community Way" demonstrates how community currencies can enter an economic system, effectively being used as discounts on the fiat price of existing products.

We are on a journey to increase project-based learning opportunities that serve local, bioregional, and trans-local communities; knowing that the times are urgent, we envision value flows where (re)-training is not limited by access to funding or mentors; and where our new skills can be immediately applied into projects that serve us and our communities in the long-term.