This document will guide you through attaching a webhook URL for Nansen Smart Alerts.

Note: Please use randomly generated URL since we do not support authentication yet.

You can use websites such as to test your smart alert. When you create a new alert, it will send the following POST request to your webhook URL. "Activated new alert: your-alert-name"

Rate limiting

Your alert will be automatically disabled as a matter of policy if the number of messages within an hour exceeds 100.

JSON Schema of the alerts:

	"title": "<alert_name>",
	"alert_link": "<alert_edit_url>",
	"type": "<Transaction|Token Transfer|NFT Mint|NFT Trade|Token Flow|Hot contract>"
	"transaction_count": Number,
  "reducted_transaction_count": Number,
  "block_number": Number|None,
	"result": [
			"description": "<detailed string>",
			"tx_link": "<explorer_url>",
			"from": "<string>",
      "to": "<string>",
      "amount": Number|None,