While designers play a huge role in shaping AI applications, few resources focus on the emerging opportunities & challenges of AI from the perspective of digital product / service / experience designers. 80% of the designers interviewed during my research expressed a frustration with the lack of design-focused resources on AI.

Based on all input, I've put together this Designer's (and other Creative Non-Techies) Guide to AI & Machine Learning by curating the good stuff and adding what was missing. It's packed with materials and resources, hiding behind their respective headers. Consume as you see fit - going through it all top to bottom or skipping to the bits of most interest. I hope it's of value to you and helps shift the narrative from a tech to human-centered one. Enjoy!

Wondering what design has to do with AI? Start here:

Design x AI

"I see AI as a tool. When designers master that tool, they can expand their ability."

A great introduction read:

An intro to Machine Learning for designers - UX Collective

Curious how you can start leveraging AI/ML as a design material?

Spotting opportunities & developing AI ideas

Still sounds a bit abstract, sci-fi, or struggle to imagine applications beyond the familiar recommender systems?

Interesting examples + case studies of AI across industries


Not in the mood to read / want to see the shiny stuff before you give a damn? Fair enough:

AI games & interactive ML experiences to play with right in your browser

Quick, Draw!

Besides enhancing existing features and processes, AI enables entirely new types of interactions that were not possible before (e.g. affective, agentive, anticipatory). As with any material, it brings their own set of design challenges. An illustrated overview:

User experience opportunities & challenges of AI

The UX of AI - Library - Google Design