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myota's Story

myota was founded by gut microbiome researchers and experts in fibre fermentation. We had grown tired of good gut health being misunderstood or overlooked. And had a gutful of generic fibre supplements that don’t use science or proper medical research.

Based in London, myota uses cutting-edge machine learning, microbiome sequencing and analytical chemistry to explore and promote the wide therapeutic benefits of a healthy and properly balanced gut microbiome. If someone has chronic gut conditions, diseases relating to inflammation or metabolism, or is simply looking to improve their health and wellness – we’re on their side.

What We Do

We offer subscription-based fibre mixes based on baseline health characteristics and gut microbiome fermentation capabilities as a personalized service and purchasable in our online shop. Our patent-pending technology gives an in-depth picture of the individual's unique microbial make-up. Unlike other microbiome analyses, it identifies the specific food the bacteria need in order to thrive and contribute to your well-being.

Our promise to our customers: We’ll help you really ‘get’ your gut. And give you the fibre mixes and support you need to improve it – long-term. In particular, our goal is to offer you solutions that work with your constraints and do not require major dietary or lifestyle change.

Dietary Fiber Confers Protection against Flu .pdf

Gut bacteria selectively promoted by dietary fibers alleviate type 2 diabetes.pdf

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