Post Week Update

NFT NYC 2022 was a movie!

We had an incredible team meeting the community and our events were a massive success. Below is a recap of the week, told through videos and pictures.

Welcome to Eluna

Images shot by Parth Daga

Highlight Video of our Marquee Event with Afterparty & Lyrical Lemonade

Official recap video of our Somewhere Nowhere Event by the Somewhere Nowhere team

NFT NYC is taking place this year between June 20th and 23rd, and we thought that week would mark the perfect opportunity to throw our first official events. Below is an evolving, living document with an official Metav3rse / MV3 event & meetup schedule.

MV3 will be hosting two major events during NFT NYC. Both hosted events will require you to hold an MV3 Access Pass. This will be verified using Tokenproof at each event.

If you’re interested in attending one of the two major events, please fill out this form below.