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COSIMA TRUST: Cosima Trust is the sole heir to the Trust Corporation. She was raised in its many laboratories, growing up alongside the androids, considering many of them her closest friend. A brilliant coder with a rebellious spirit, Cosima is an empath who detests what Trust Corp has done to Eluna and dreams of taking the City from her father and into The Collective’s hands.


ELI TRUST:  Eli is the brilliant and enigmatic leader who changed the world with his creation of Artificial Intelligence and in the process achieved unimaginable power. Eli is the head of Trust Corporation and is intense, cultured and unpredictable.

He runs Eluna City with dramatic flair – he has a penchant for public violence against those who betray him, employs curfews, and is often in the media. Years ago he was an idealistic engineer with big dreams about how technology could shape the future, but after his wife Marï died tragically, Eli lost himself in work and never quite recovered.

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MALIK 244: Malik is a member of the A.X. class who was employed by Trust Corporation to work within the grounds of Trust Mansion. Malik is soulful, thoughtful, and reflective – he is very aware of what he is and what he is not and hopes to become a free member of society.

Malik and Cosima are long-time friends and now romantic partners – even though relationships between Humans and Androids have been forbidden by society. While Malik pretends to be as idealistic as the other founding partners of The Collective, at his core Malik is cynical and angry. He is not convinced he will ever be accepted by Eluna City.

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THE WIZ: Undeniably brilliant, born and raised in the streets of Baja, Mexico –The Wiz was the lead engineer of Trust Corporation and the true creator of the A.X. and R.Q. lines. The Wiz left the company after a famous falling out with Eli and dedicated the rest of his life to drinking beer, playing arcade games, and perfecting the perfect taco recipe. To most of society, The Wiz is an alcoholic has-been, a troll, a bucket full of comic relief…

…But what The Collective knows, is that if you underestimate The Wiz, it is most definitely by design.

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RXSE BARGOS: A party girl and famous heiress within Eluna City, Rxse is well-known to all citizens of Eluna for her wild, uncontrollable tendencies. Rxse’s mother commands quite a bit of power in Trust Corporation and works closely with Eli. Because of this, Rxse and her brother Faze grew up with the Trust Family, and despite their many differences, she and Cosima became close friends.

Rxse believes you should be able to love and fuck whoever you want to and that ownership rules need not apply. She rebels against her family to become a member of The Collective and fills the Hub with expletives, cigarette smoke, and a roaring good time.


SUTRA 041: Sutra is an R.Q. and a general in Eluna City’s army. He is a complex, highly driven android who was built for one thing only – war. Since his creation, Sutra has slowly evolved into a deep emotional life that is tortured by the dominance humans have over his kind. He knows that he and the R.Q. are the more intelligent, powerful race and is no longer content with serving humans