50 Beale Street, 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105**

You might notice that the name on the building when you arrive is 300 Mission - This building was once the home of Blue Shield of California. At that time, the entrance was located at 300 Mission Street. After an extensive remodel, the main entrance (and official address) was moved over to 50 Beale Street. For reasons we still don’t quite understand, they still call the building 300 Mission - so don’t be alarmed when you arrive at 50 Beale Street and see a big sign with that address - You ARE at the right place!

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PLEASE NOTE: The building does NOT allow anything with wheels in the main lobby. Bikes, carts, etc must be brought around to the back entrance and you must use the freight elevator for access. Please ask security to scan their badge for you to access the 9th floor through the freight elevator, after you check-in, if you are bringing in anything on wheels.

Your Health & Wellbeing

We are excited to host you but have a few things we would like to let you know before your visit.

All visitors and employees of Mux are required to be fully vaccinated (plus booster for those eligible) OR have taken a negative test within 48 hours in order to visit our offices.

If you have experienced any cold or flu symptoms, we ask that you not visit in person.

When you Arrive & Check-in

Mux is located on the 9th floor of a secure building. We will greet you in the lobby & check you in, just let us know you’re here for the Mux / Demuxed Happy Hour.

Once you have checked in and passed through the security gates, an elevator will automatically bring you up to the 9th floor - just check for the blinking light that indicates which elevator car to take.

There will be 2 open doors once you’re on the 9th floor - follow the signage to find Mux’s all hands/event area.

<aside> ❓ If you have any questions regarding your visit to Mux HQ, please reach out to midnight@mux.com and she’ll be glad to help!


Transportation & Parking

Public Transportation

Taxi & Rideshare