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🔬 What we do

At Mutant (X), we conduct R&D and delivery of software products, with a focus on clean design and world-class development execution.

<aside> 💡 While we are primarily focused on developing our own products, we also help other businesses as technical consultants and engineers.

Bring us your toughest problems. We'd love to help you solve them 😁


M(X) = 💪😍🙏

The result?

💪= powerful 😍= delightful 🙏= helpful ... products for the world

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🧑🏽‍🔬 Our Products

<aside> 💡 Reach out to us if you'd like to be a part of our R&D testing groups, or to learn more about stealth mode products 🤐


📈 TalkStock FinTech

Discuss. Discover. Find your next 🔥 stock/coin. Get access to ideas and information as they happen! Join the community to talk stock and crypto. Ditch the clutter, stay on the leading edge of information, and understand what's up in the market.

📡 Sputnik EdTech

EduTech platform for government school children to engage with proprietary Math & English distance learning programs.

750,000+ student assignments with 18M+ data points tracked across 10+ schools

🎁 StonkUp! FinTech

Get rewarded for holding stock in your favorite publicly listed companies!

☝🏽 WonUpIt Social Media

Gamified social media platform where Brands reward customers for their social media content.