We're pumped that you and your team are joining us for early access. Murmur helps teams define their way of working through the power and magic of *working agreements.* It's a place where teams who care enough about their culture to write it down can create, improve, and uphold agreements that detail how they want to work together.

It's very early days for us, with many features and fixes to comeβ€”and we're excited to get your feedback along the way. We are building Murmur for you, after all. 🀘


Why should we use Murmur?

Let's face it, work is harder than it needs to be. You've seen it firsthand. Tensions between teams. Too many meetings. A lack of clarity about how we make decisions. Unclear priorities. The sheer volume of things that have to be figured out in a startup... If only we could get everyone on the same page and help them stay there.

So we try to make agreements (e.g., policies, processes, roles, rules) about how things should be. But Google Docs and Notion are no place for this. Is that comment on your document a question, a reaction, or an ultimatum? Is that person objecting, or just making noise? How will we know what's working and what isn't? How will we keep track of all of our agreements as we scale? We believe there's a better way.

Murmur helps your team make agreements in a new way.

<aside> πŸ“ Draft Easier. Starting from scratch can be scary. Murmur offers templates and public agreements to get you drafting faster and on your way to an active agreement.


<aside> ⌚ Asynchronous Facilitation. No need to hold a meeting or chase everyone down for their thoughts. Murmur facilitates the whole process with smart notifications and countdown clocks, taking you from draft to active agreement in a fraction of the time.


<aside> 🚩 Proven Process. No more free-for-alls in shared documents. The Murmur Method guides the team to consent (not consensus!) through three rounds with specific prompts: understand, improve, and decide.


<aside> 🚫 Better Objections. We claim to want progress over perfection... so why do we let the smallest critique grind us to a halt? Murmur helps participants question their assumptions and embrace a safe-to-try mindset that keeps the work moving.


<aside> πŸ’¬ Feedback Loops. Gone are the days of waiting for the annual employee engagement survey to figure out what's working and what's not. Set expiration dates, collect feedback, and re-evaluate your agreements regularly to keep things fresh.


What will Murmur do for us?

Although Murmur is great for everyone, it does tend to serve teams at different stages of development differently (at least initially). Below are the patterns we've noticed as we've onboarded various types of teams to the platform.

Murmur helps...