By sharing goals and daily tasks with your family and collecting stamps through completing them, mui gently encourages and motivates you to reach for your goals. You can enter your goal with text, choose from a wide variety of stamp types, and manage your accomplishments.

It is not limited to the concept of task management, but can be used for all sorts of things, such as a record of the day the family watched the stars together, a reminder of medication, watering flowers, feeding the cat, and so on.

If you have yet not created a stamp book, this screen will be displayed.

Please create a stamp book from the mobile app.

hanko_empty_eng 5.png

Once you have created a stamp book, press the “>” button to move on to the stamp collection screen.

hanko_theme_eng 2.png

You can add a stamp to your collection by pressing the "+" button on the stamp collection screen.



When all the stamps are collected, the completion message you set will be displayed.


hanko_complete_eng 2.png

Reset your stamp book from your mobile app to start your next stamp collection.