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About Us

Empathy is for everyone. We help people and organizations develop skills for greater understanding, compassion, and insight via AI-powered analytics, correction, and training of empathy. We are a B2B SaaS company - enhancing other SaaS platforms in healthcare, customer service and HR. Powered by a proprietary data flywheel of empathy games combined with curated expert labeled data, our AI is trained on the most compassionate dataset in the world.

We are a seed stage, VC-backed start-up. Our company was founded by repeat entrepreneurs. We are a practical AI company with SaaS profit margins, backed by VCs with modern Enterprise SaaS and AI/ML thinking. Our technology is patent pending. In May 2022, we closed $4M in seed (5.2M to-date) led by **Next Frontier Capita**l with large co-investment from prior investor Illuminate as well as participation from Portland Seed Fund, Full-Circle, WXR Fund, Graham & Walker, and First Row Partners. Our customers include SaaS businesses from innovative HR tech to publicly-traded healthcare companies. Check out our company website www.mpathic.ai and learn about AI empathy with our interviews in GeekWire, WIRED, Dropbox blog and more.

The market opportunity is huge. As communication is increasingly mediated through online chat, video calls, and emails, opportunities for misunderstanding abound. Poorly-worded or insensitive messages hurt relationships and damage reputations. “Lack of clear and empathetic communication is costing businesses billions of dollars annually via customer churn, employee turnover, and lack of organizational alignment,” explains Kirsten Suddath, General Partner at Next Frontier Capital. “mpathic is building an evidenced-based AI communication technology platform on top of its rich library of data and has assembled an industry-leading team of experts in empathic communication and machine learning.”

We welcome underrepresented folx in tech and outside of tech. Maybe you've been overlooked, faced a glass ceiling, a paperwork barrier, couldn't code switch exactly right, had to up-manage others while doing all the work, don't want to have to deal with feeling tired or like an outsider anymore. We are a tech company run by a psychologist in a tech environment that has a history of systemic problems; we are approaching that history and re-imagining start-up life together, intentionally. Our Board of Directors and VCs are all 100% women or non-binary; our company includes more than 60% persons of color (POC).

We are looking for you. If you don't think you meet the qualifications for jobs posted but think you're a fit or want to get involved send us a note at joinus@mpathic.ai or reach out to any team member on LinkedIn to say, "hi." We keep resumes on file and we're growing fast!

Life at mpathic

We are a remote-first company. Whether you work from Baltimore, Salt Lake City, or Seattle, you’re 100% part of the team. We will provide you with a computer, equipment, and access to software subscriptions. At mpathic, we have in-person retreats to build trust twice a year as well as quarterly hackathons to accomplish a specific goal in a short period of time. You can bet we'll be flying to hang out at some point during the year (see our first retreat in Seattle, WA HQ shown in the cover above). If you want access to a co-working space - no problem; if you want to work at home - also no problem.