Animation has evolved tremendously in the last century, but some principles always stay the same. The 12 principles of animation underlie everything animators do, from making movies to video games. These principles are the same regardless of the software you use—2D or 3D, open source or advanced suite. Follow the module along and explore each of the 12 principles.


Module Preparation


If you have a preferred engine to work with go ahead and use that. Our preferred engine is Blender. These files contains all the characters used in the training, split into individual files. Feel free to use the provided rigs and assets here:

[Blender Rigs](<https://cloud.blender.org/p/animation-fundamentals/5d69ab4dea6789db11ee65d1>)

Maya Rigs

Task 1

(Ball Rig)


Create a ball bounce animation for each of these instances. We've provided clips of each ball bounce for reference, But feel free to make your own. This exercise helps you understand timing and spacing, Which is a crucial principle in animation.