In this module, you will be basing an animation off of this video. This module was designed for you to discover your potential in animation. A little bit of initial animation experience is advised to do this module.

We believe animation is one of the most crucial skills in any type of creative field.



Module Preparation

If you've never worked with Blender you can watch this video to get up to speed.

If you have a preferred engine to work with go ahead and use that. Our preferred engine is Blender.

Feel free to use the provided rigs and assets here:

[**Stylized Character**](<https://cloud.blender.org/p/characters/5718a967c379cf04929a4247>)

More Characters

[Maya Rigs](<https://rustyanimator.com/free-maya-rigs/>)

Don't Get Stuck!

Remember if you're getting stuck it usually means you're approaching something too big too fast. If you dive directly into creating from your imagination it might be too hard! Make it easy for yourself by initially copying directly from references or other people's work. It's a fast and simple way of jumping right into the process and getting satisfying results!


It's Okay if it Sucks!