Who am I?

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Hello! I’m Fel.

Hi there, I'm Felicia, a business management graduate X passionate design thinker strategist.

INFP (Mediator)

Creative | Inventive | Empathetic


A creative thinker with a business mindset, I aim to create positive experiences for people, while managing stakeholders’ expectations.

I thrive on creating purposeful solutions for both humans and businesses, while ensuring effective and smooth stakeholder management. Armed with a business degree, I have learnt to understand from not just the users, but the different stakeholders as well.

Why do I like solving users' problems?

As an empathetic individual, customer-oriented jobs have always intrigued me. Being part of the frontline in the different industries (Food & Beverage, Retail, Hospitality... I've done them all!) have further affirmed my goal to provide the best experience for every customer.

Since then, I've ventured into Human Resources, Product Management, UI/UX, and Marketing, with the same reason behind it — to create positive experiences for users and customers. I feel a strong calling to work for organizations that care for their consumers as much as I do!

Where do I see myself in the years to come?

With a deep interest in the world, humans, and life, I hope to inspire humans to be better through the work I help brands create. I believe that design has the special power to change the world and reinvent normalcy!


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My life quotes

<aside> 🌞 "The sun will rise, and we will try again"


<aside> 🌔 "Moonchild you rise, when you shine, it's your time"