👋 About Moonshot Factory

Founded by founders and engineers in 2021, Moonshot builds the “South Park Commons” for Gen-Z engineers: empowering them to experiment faster, learn together, and blitz scale into the next big thing. Since its inception, Moonshot is supported by Bytedance, ZhenFund, Shimo Docs, Hash Global; additionally, in 2021, 16 of its member companies were funded by top investors such as ZhenFund, GGV Capital, YC China, etc.

Moonshot also fosters one of the most vibrant Gen-Z communities through weekly close-door events and hackathons. We have more than 2,000 active members, hailing from top universities and companies from US and China. Furthermore, we have established partnerships with ventures clubs in more than 20 schools, i.e., Tsinghua Venture, MIT CEO. Ultimately, we see ourselves as the #1 go-to place for Gen-Z entrepreneurs to envision and build their “next big thing”.

🙌 Our Founding Team

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Moonshot’s founders are all Gen-Z founders and engineers who understand the challenges of building something new. Our founding teams hail from top universities such as Stanford, Ivy Leagues, and have a variety of work experiences in firms such as Sequoia, TikTok, Ramp, etc. Among all of our peer organizations, Moonshot’s team has one of the highest NPS of over 9.3 / 10 among founders. Here's a glimpse of our founding partners:

⭐️ Why Us

Mafia Event:

Moonshot Mafia X Ethsign Founder Potter

Moonshot Mafia X STEPN Founder Jerry

Moonshot Mafia X Dodo Founder Daidai