Be The driving force of MonoX Protocol

1. Introduction

MonoX Ambassadors are the driving force of the MonoX Protocol. The public lead initiative is made of DeFi enthusiasts who believe in the future of the MonoX Protocol and want to contribute by playing a key role in our community and ecosystem.

The program provides an opportunity for the public to work closely with the core team and participate in the growth of MonoX Protocol. As an ambassador, you are required to contribute to monthly efforts to bring together the growth of the protocol. In return, you will earn perks and rewards and gain exclusive access to the core development team and will be invited into our private team discussion channels. You will be able to communicate directly with the core team and get updates on our roadmap and plans before anyone else.

We’re excited for your support and excited for you to be part of our family.

2. Subdivisions

The MonoX Ambassador programme is divided into four divisions. Each division is a pillar to support and strengthen the development of the MonoX Protocol. Ambassadors in each division are expected to contribute to their divisions respectively and promote the growth of the MonoX Protocol.

Ambassadors are allowed to contribute to more than one division, however, it is subjected to the approval of the Ambassador Lead and Core Team.

2.1 Content and Branding

2.2 Events and Meetups