How a political driven game, used Monetizr rewards to increase retention by 160% and drive game downloads by 10x. Case study of a hyper-casual game DUMP! TRUMP!


<aside> ⭐ 160% retention rate increase since Monetizr launch


<aside> ⭐ 70% of orders were made using a special promo code. Rewards were used to promote the game downloads via YouTube influencers.


<aside> ⭐ 10X increased game download rate


<aside> ⭐ 8.7% of unique players engaged with Monetizr rewards


About the game "DUMP! TRUMP!"

The game was developed by indie game developer Alex Chacon and anti-Trump movement. It raises awareness of upcoming presidential elections in the USA by highlighting the shortcomings of the existing president.

Part of the game proceeds is donated to Planned Parenthood and 2020 election presidential candidate of player's choosing.

Inside the game players defeat an evil orange businessman/politician Ronald Dump in a series of fast-paced, exciting mini-games, like blowing up the wall to Mexico, chasing a cat named "America" and more.

Reward Mechanics