⚡️ Monash Association of Coding

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🤝 Sponsorship @ MAC

<aside> ℹ️ We want to keep our sponsors engaged, active and willing to get involved with the MAC community!


Our mission in the sponsorship team is to ensure that:

We're a fairly new venture so we've set out to do sponsorship differently. Our vision is to show stakeholders that they are more than just sponsors. We treat them as long-term partners; this means maintaining regular communication and adopting a holistic view of how we can add value to them.

Here are some things we do regularly in the team:

We're a group of people who are interested in getting out of our comfort zones and building relationships. ****In 2021, we're all about exploring new ways to do things and establishing the foundations for a rapidly growing team. We're also very passionate about tech!

If you're interested in getting out of your comfort zone, expanding your network and establishing strategies to go above and beyond for sponsors, ****then we'd love to hear from you!

🧐 About the Role

<aside> ℹ️ As a Sponsorship Officer, you'll strive to connect MAC members with industry professionals in the 'tech realm', and ensure that our relationships with our sponsors are positive, friendly, and mutually beneficial.


Day in the life

In this role, you'll get to...

Required Skills