⚡️ Monash Association of Coding

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🤝 HR @ MAC

<aside> ℹ️ We’re making MAC a fun, collaborative and productive environment for all!


Our mission on the HR team is to make MAC work not feel like work!

We do this by putting the needs of our committee members first and ensure they have the right support and environment from before they join our team, all the way to when they become a committee alumni.

But with a growing team comes a growing set of challenges — and we want you to provide your work with us to ensure the MAC team still feels like a big family, even as we grow larger than ever before!

Some of the things we'd love to do with your help:

🧐 About the Role

<aside> ℹ️ As an HR officer, you will strive to make MAC a great place to be for volunteers by anticipating their needs at each stage of their journey — from recruitment to onboarding, to day 1 at MAC, all the way to their last day with us.


Day in the life

In this role, you'll get...

Maybe even...