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🎨 Design @ MAC

<aside> ℹ️ We're all about great user experiences and visually pleasing aesthetics! We help MAC stay on brand (and stay pretty 🥳) — we're a newly established team (formerly a part of marketing) that's open to lots of growth and new ideas.


MAC is a tech club but rumour has it that we're also the only UI/UX club at Monash (proof here). As a technology club, we're all secretly wannabe product designers at heart. We value the need for good design, user experiences and we're crazy about our Pinterest boards.

We were always known for our graphics and content so it was about time we finally established a proper team for it!

We're in charge of deciding the club's branding and creating design assets for all of MAC's activities (by activities, everything goes — from web components to merchandise!).

You'd be working on things such as graphic design, illustrations and UX and UI design. If you're interested in UX/UI, enjoy creating pretty designs (thank you Figma) and want to be a part of fun design projects that will look awesome on your portfolio, we'd love to have you on the team!

Some of our responsibilities include:

🧐 About the Role

<aside> ℹ️ As a Design Officer, you'll be creating design assets for all of our activities!


Day in the life

In this role, you'll get to...

You may even get to...

Required Skills

On day one, we'll expect you to...