Required whitelisting: email domain

We need these to be whitelisted to allow us to send email notifications to your colleagues.


Required whitelisting: domains

We need these to be whitelisted to allow us to provide our service.

* (This is required if you are using SSO)





Sending data to Mo

Employee data must be provided to Mo in a secure way - we accept data in a CSV format or via an integration between Mo and your HR system.

Providing data via CSV

Data can be provided via a CSV export of your people data - we can provide access to a secure portal or, if encryption is required we can provide an S3 bucket (an Amazon provided secure file transfer method) via an API key and password will be provided. Simply connect to the S3 bucket via an AWS account or using an app like Transmit.

Template for employee data

data_template (2).xlsx

Secure server SFTP

Providing data via the Mo user provisioning API


The integration will require your HR system to link to our API. Technical documentation is provided below. If you'd like to proceed with this route a kickoff call with a technical lead Mo side will be required - subsequently a test environment can be provided.