We're an early-stage startup on a mission to build an Operating System that turns every CEO into a great manager.

Why join us

Matt Mochary is the leading tech CEO coach in the world. His Mochary Method is well-documented in his book The Great CEO Within, and is used by the fastest-growing tech startups in the world: Coinbase, Reddit, Plaid, Scale, Brex, Attentive Mobile, Confluent, Grammarly and Zapier.

We are now building the software to automate this methodology into a company OS.

Each of the CEOs of those companies is already a user of our software for their 1-1 coaching with Matt, and they love it. Now we need to build the remaining feature set to make the tool truly a company-wide operating system. The CEOs are begging us to let us deploy the tool company-wide right now as-is. But we need to build a great product first.

Watch Matt explain why you should join us! ✌️

<aside> 💰 Already profitable


<aside> 📈 Insane growth


<aside> 👩‍💼 A truly joyful life


How we work

We're an all-remote, distributed team

Where in the world you work from doesn't matter to us as much as the value that you can add to our team, both as a person, and in your area of expertise. Our team of 14 spans 4 countries and 4 states.

<aside> 👩‍💻 We believe remote work cultures done right are the future of work – and we're committed to doing it right.


We're a memo and video culture, not a meeting culture

As a distributed and remote team, we've found that the best way to collaborate on ideas is to write out and video our ideas in long-form, then send the links to relevant team members to add their thoughts. In short, we try to minimize live meetings.

<aside> 📝 We prefer writing and videoing of long-form thought versus live meetings.