Join our Team (FT)

As one of the first hires, you'll be in charge of your area of the business, overseeing all necessary decisions from execution and results. Each leader is tasked with specific goalsĀ but given the freedom and tools to achieve them however they see fit.

There are no minimum requirements to join our team - we care more about what you are going to do next than what you have done - but you should have some experience in the area you apply for.

If you are someone with a strong drive to build something new, while tackling any obstacles in your way, and motivated by constantly learning and becoming better, the ThreatKey Team is for you.

Join our Team (PT or Contract)

We value working quickly and efficiently and have created a vast network of part-time and project-based individuals that ThreatKey partners with as needed. We always want to hire the best person for the job, and are committed to remaining flexible to do so.

Security researcher looking for a challenge? CPA with some bandwidth after tax season? Engineer looking to pick up some hours while hacking?

Join our team with full flexibility of your own schedule. Get access to our community Slack and internal events, and be part of our team. Drop us a line if you are interested in working together.

Why Join?

Vision and Mission

We are dedicated to creating enterprise security software that doesn't get in the way of innovation.

Team & Culture

Threatkey has a commitment to everyone that the environment is positive, inclusive, and promotes self-improvement.


We are committed to building a company that seeks and values diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas.

Work from Anywhere

We have a hybrid work culture. We are a global team and are committed to hiring excellent team members from anywhere .

Our Benefits

Competitive salary and stock options, plus full benefits (medical, dental, and vision insurance). Our parental leave policy is available to all employees (non-gendered). We offer a 10-day minimum vacation policy and shut down the office for a week at the end of the year.

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