Mino Games is on a mission to bring the world together through gaming.

In 2011, we started the company because we saw a tectonic shift in the the games industry – mobile games. What followed was a decade long adventure in which two kids would raise $8m, build four successful games (MinoMonsters, Minomonsters 2, Cat Game and Dog game), generate over 60mm in revenue, and grow a team of 100 very happy, passionate employees.

Ten years later (and no longer kids) we see this opportunity more clearly than ever. Blockchain technology promises to change the industry far more than any other technology has – for the first time people are making real money by playing games.

In January 2022, we raised 15m to double down on our mission of bringing the world together through Gaming. We're building innovative blockchain games that will pave a new economic future for humanity; one in which people can be employed, start business, form companies, issue loans and get rich by playing games. We think that, for many people, playing our games with family and friends will be a real source of income, and trillion dollar economies will emerge from games. We will be working toward this vision for decades to come.

To build this ambitious future, we need to find the best and brightest minds in the industry. Across the board we are hiring ambitious people who share our vision and passion for the future – both executives, individual contributors and advisors.


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Our Team


Sasha MacKinnon

CEO Cofounder

Sash’s first job was technical assistant to Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, throughout the IPO. Sash has since founded and scaled Mino Games to tens of millions in revenue and 80+ employees. He’s raised over 40mm across multiple startups.


Josh Buckley

Cofounder & Chairman

Josh was the youngest person to go through YC in 2011 with Mino Games, and has since raised over $500mm across multiple solo investment funds. He’s also founded Hyper, served as CEO of Product Hunt, and currently sits on the board of a number of high-profile startups.