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At Mine’d, we’re creating the world's first emotional network. Mine’d is a digital platform with human pathos. Our app connects consumers with top emotional wellness experts and community through daily live and on-demand classes.

We're combining the creator economy with a Peloton-style user experience to reinvent the delivery of emotional wellness experiences.

We have grown really fast, totally organically (we acquired over 100k users with over one million videos watched in the last 6 months alone!). We also raised a $3.5MM seed round from some amazing investors including Listen Ventures (early VC behind Calm), Jefferey Katzenberg's fund WNDRCO (President of Dreamworks), Able Partners (VC behind Goop, Bumble, Oura Ring, Bulletproof, Daily Harvest), Ed Baker (former VP of Growth at Facebook and Uber), Jillionaire from Major Lazer, and more.

Our core Feelings

What else is interesting about us

  1. We work collaboratively and asynchronously. As our team is located in the US, Canada, Poland and Belarus, we are able to communicate and work using Slack, Monday, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Gmail, texts and other team specific tools such as Jira, Canva, and Intercom.
  2. Gratitudes. While we work remotely, we have a Weekly Team Jam filled where we share big initiatives, and our weekly gratitudes in terms of work and personal life.
  3. Data-savvy. We share data widely in our analytics channels and during Weekly Team Jam, so you’ll get a good understanding of the business.

Our opportunities

Job Positions

<aside> 👉 Didn't find a suitable position but want to work at Mine’d? Feel free to drop us a note at ulyana@doyoumined.com


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