This project is my response to the current apocalyptic zeitgeist. In the contemporary discourse, there is only the end of the world. The Rapture, the Revolution, the Climate Apocalypse, the Singularity, Shit Hitting the Fan, the Storm. The common theme of all these beliefs is that they say nothing about the future. It is a blank, an unknown, an unknowable. The problem with this is that without a future to work towards, we have no way to organize ourselves. We are left wandering aimlessly at best and in despair at worst.

This project is about finding a positive future that we can strive for and projects to help us get there.

The first step to a good future is imagining it. Take a few minutes and consider a future that you want to see. One where we are past the challenges that face us and our lives are as good, or even better than they are today. That future exists if we believe it in it. If that makes you feel better, then this project is successful.

1) Envision the Good Future

Image by Paul Brennan