Choose the Non-Apocalypse

This project is my response to the current apocalyptic zeitgeist. In the contemporary discourse, there is only the end of the world. The Rapture, the Revolution, the Climate Apocalypse, the Singularity, Shit Hitting the Fan, the Storm. The common theme of all these beliefs is that they say nothing about the future. It is a blank, an unknown, an unknowable. The problem with this is that without a future to work towards, we have no way to organize ourselves. We are left wandering aimlessly at best and in despair at worst.

This project is about finding a positive future that we can strive for and projects to help us get there. This future exists if we believe it in it.

Visions of the Good Future

The first step to a good future is imagining it. One where we are past the challenges that face us and our lives are better than they are today. This is a world building exercise. We are not creating an imaginary world. We are creating a future we can get to. Not a utopia, but a topia. A real place.

Good Futures

Acknowledge the Wicked Problem

To get to the good future, we must meet the challenge ahead of us. These challenges are so massive and complicated that it is hard to define what the problem actually is. We are dealing with a wicked problem.

From Wikipedia

A wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize. It refers to an idea or problem that cannot be fixed, where there is no single solution to the problem…

The wicked problem we face is made up of a set interlocking problems. Each section below outlines one aspect of the challenge we face.

Wicked Problems

It is essential to acknowledge these problems but not be overwhelmed by them. But how should we act when we can't know what the problem is?

See the Wicked Solution

We start by defining for every Wicked Problem, there must exist a Wicked Solution. Just as with a wicked problem, the wicked solution is so big and complex that it is impossible to understand it all from the outside. Instead we build the wicked solution smaller partial solutions each of which will remain valid no matter what the problem ends up being. After we add enough partial solutions together, we will look back and realize we have found the future we want.

Build the Future

Building a good future requires action from all of us at every level. Work at the scale you can whether it is in hour own home, at work, or in government. All this work, no matter the scale is equally important. We are changing systems so we need to push everywhere, all at once. So, find your self in the list below and a project to join in. You will no be alone. There are millions of people who are working on building this world already. Welcome.

4) Build the World