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<aside> 💡 Summary: Use this rubric to quickly assess submissions & ensure they end up in the right bucket on the 5-point scale


🔭 Overview

The old 12-point scale required Reviewers to exercise judgment on every single submission. Many Reviewers have stated that the need to review each submission in depth saps their focus, attention, and their desire to be Reviewers in the future.

The scale below simplifies this 12-point scale into a 5-point scale. For those who wish, it provides detailed guidance on how to subtract points for dashboard flaws. This enables Reviewers to triage submissions much more quickly - while still enabling secondary Reviewers to focus on the details of specific dashboards.

By focusing their attention on Good and Stellar dashboards, Reviewers will be able to provide in-depth, detailed feedback on worthy dashboards. This will also enable us to provide sufficient compensation to attract top-tier Reviewers, thereby improving Review quality.

⚖️ Scoring Scale

| --- | --- | --- | --- |

🔭 Rubric

The current payout structure assigns the following:

This is our default payout structure at launch - as of April 2023, other payout structures are already being designed & will be rolled out over time.

To assign scores at the individual level, i.e. scores that will become part of the overall average, we suggest a mechanism that starts at 100 points and subtracts for elements that inhibit the dashboard. This scale is based on the Discourse conversation [here](Reviewer Scoring).

This scale enables reviewers to rapidly apply criteria to sort dashboards into the appropriate bucket. Sorting dashboards in this way reduces burden on reviewers & enables rapid categorization of submissions.

In this way, Good and Stellar submissions can receive detailed feedback - while submissions of Average or below are incentivized to resolve baseline errors that harm their score.

🔭 Rubric Details