Because of the tremendous variety of games and gaming systems, there isn’t one definitive way to record your gameplay. It will depend on your game, the system you play it on, the type of advice you’re asking for, and your expert’s requirements. We’ve compiled some general information and step-by-step instructions for each platform, but the best path forward if you’re not sure how to record your gameplay is to ask your coach.

If you’re looking for overall guidance in preparing and submitting a video for review, check out Replay Review Tips for Students.

Platform-by-Platform Instructions

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About In-Game Recording Tools

There are some games that incorporate recording into gameplay. Only a select few will generate the type of file (MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc.) that can be submitted to the Metafy Replay Review interface. It’s safe to assume that in-game recording functionality won’t work, because almost without exception menu commands that are called “record” don’t actually create a gameplay recording. That functionality usually has to do with capturing and spamming combos or programming a training dummy, or for creating an archive of matches that can be viewed from within the game.

Those files will not work for Replay Reviews because they are a set of instructions of the game to use to recreate the match, not a video file. They do, however, make a great starting point for recording your game, because you don’t have to worry about playing your match and recording at the same time. And some in-game replays allow you to zoom and pan to really get a good look at the match.

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