🥠 Shiller's Align - February 15th, 2022

Attendees: Tommy, , Anosh Bhakare



Anosh was onboarded by HBesso and he promptly stepped in MG ad a builder and Shiller. During the Shiller’s Align, he was presented to the Shilling strategy for the season and invited to take part to adding new activities that we could use to better promote MG and its activities.

Defining a strategy

After onboarding Anosh, we focused on creating a new calendar for shilling content on Twitter, by taking care of prioritizing what MG is building. The new Twitter shilling table will work as it follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

The idea is to connect the updates of what is being built/done with the Monday newsletter post. Tommy suggested taking as a reference the newsletter, to know what to focus on for that week, while Anosh suggested adding a thread for the top contributor/guild of the week. Anna will meet with Anosh on Monday to discuss the topic of the top contributor of the week.