We are a team of leaders, both at work and outside. These 11 principles define what it means to be part of mesha .

Lead to win

Play to win. Leaders understand that to win, they must lead both themselves and their teams. The purpose of a team isn’t to lose. We aren’t here to be #2

Be relentless

Leaders hold themselves accountable to the highest standards. These may seem unrealistic to others, but they know it raises the bar for us all. They are inspired by the challenge of greatness.

Be fearless

You can’t hit a home run if you don’t swing for the fences. Have conviction in your beliefs. Stand your ground, disagree if you need to. Make a decision and act quickly. Learn from your mistakes. You win by learning from your failures, not by avoiding making any.

Be obsessive

Obsess over improving. On the customer. On data. On winning.

Be respectful

No assholes. Learn from each other. Respect the customer - they have chosen to use mesha, and we are humbled by their choice and will devote all our resources to validating that decision. Respect your team - you are stronger because of them.

Do more

There’s no traffic in the extra mile. In the history of champions, it’s the team that wanted it more that won. Winners do more.