The Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme is designed to provide a unique experience to medical students. The programme concentrates on developing technical and interpersonal skills incorporated with technology-based education and company dynamics.

To learn more about the programme refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What kind of projects can I expect to undertake in the Fellowship Programme?

    1. Medics.Academy Fellows have undertaken a plethora of different projects. Projects are aimed at developing a skill set to equip you on your journey to becoming a clinical product manager.In the past Fellows have:
      • Created visual briefs for our courses
      • Worked with Alexa and Botter chatbox sequences
      • Converted existing content into interactive workshops delivered to cohorts
      • Written research papers on technology enhanced learning
      • Delivering a social media communication strategy
  2. Which skills can I expect to acquire throughout the Fellowship Programme?

    1. Throughout the programme you can hope to acquire a number of useful skills for both your professional and personal development. These skills will pertain to the following:
      • Medical education
      • Project management
      • Design
      • Teamwork
      • Innovation
      • Leadership
      • Clinical and scientific communication
      • Product development

    By the end of the programme you will be able to include these on specialty applications, which often have specific points for medical education and leadership.

  3. Do I need to be a medical student to apply?

  4. No - medical students and professionals are eligible to apply for the programme.

  5. What is the time commitment for the Fellowship Programme?

  6. The Fellowship Programme is for a duration of 18 months and comprises three phases (skill training and learning, skill development and skill application). The phases progress the fellow from a stage of independent working to small group and eventually large group production of a project. In each phase you will be mentored and guided by a specific individual within the company who has experience in producing aspects of the project. On average a fellow will spend 3-6 hours a week in producing the task and the timeframe for tasks will become more independently governed by the fellow as they progress into the next phases. This programme is ideal for individuals with other commitments as it provides a flexible working environment.

  7. Do I receive any accreditation or certification from the Fellowship Programme?

  8. On completion of the Fellowship Programme you will receive a certificate or recognition for all of your work contribution to Medics.Academy.

  9. What opportunities do fellows get access to?

  10. As a Fellow you also gain access to Medics.Academy workshops, courses, resources, discounts and masters level accreditation. We are continuously developing the programme to make it a robust and exciting experience for those that are successful in joining