Advance good health and human flourishing for and with the hardest-to-reach communities. Build and apply technology that helps health workers deliver equitable care.


We envision a more just world in which health workers are supported as they provide care for their neighbors, universal health coverage is a reality, and health is a secured human right.



Humanity - Human centered everything.

Building tools for people who care. We are here to deliver care with a human touch. Everyone across the organization, regardless of title, is trained on human-centered design and applies nuanced, thoughtful, and respectful actions to their work.


Creativity - Bring the right things into existence.

Imagining what should be with the goal of creating a more just world. We support, recognize, and celebrate acts of creativity. We exhibit creativity in the tools we build, the health systems we support, and in our day to day responsibilities.


Initiative - Self-motivated to take action.

Ownership over our individual work adds up to move our mission forward. We are proactive in identifying what needs done, getting it done, and delivering on time. We promote a culture of learning and support opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Solidarity - Building equitable community health systems together.

We are all in this together. From designing, to prototyping, to scaling, to understanding the impact of our tools and supporting health systems; we stand by each other, our partners, and the communities we serve.


Openness - Share helpful things; stay open.

We like to share! We are open in our collaboration with each other, in sharing knowledge with the broader community, and in the development of our code. We are honest and thoughtful with our communication.