Did you know that we have teammates working from 15 different countries? This makes internal communications incredibly important to feeling connected with one another, and to our success as an organization.

The aim is that following these guidelines will make us more consistent, predictable, and effective in our communication as a team. In places where these guidelines aren’t practical or effective, do what you feel is best (and notify the Internal Ops team so that we can potentially modify the guidelines based on your learnings).

When communicating with teammates:

We use quite a few tools to stay in touch!

A majority of our internal communication will happen on Slack. If you need to connect with a teammate urgently, please reach out via phone call or text/whatsapp. Email is used primarily to communicate with people outside the organization.

Slack Guidelines

We use Slack as our go-to conversation space for internal communication. We have all our day-to-day conversations, both formal and informal, on the platform.


Our internal intranet! The platform (if you're reading this you're already here 🙂) contains key organizational knowledge and information.


Video conferencing platform, a paid account for larger group or external facing calls. Most team leads have licensed accounts.

Google Workplace

Suite of productivity and collaboration tools including our drive, email, calendar, meet, google docs and slides.


Code manager and issue tracker. Code is managed in various repositories.


Our project and task management platform, create to do lists and track project timelines.

Questions? Reach out to #internal-ops.