mechlabs is a build-it to learn-it mechatronics program

Five programs. Five pathways.Infinite Possibilities.

◆ — — – PICK A PATH, ANY PATH... – — — ◆

Baby Steps


Fly Solo



A bit bamboozled about which path is right for you?

If you’ve read the above paths and are experiencing a bad bout of analysis paralysis, write us and we’ll be happy to gently guide you to the path that’s perfect for you.


Each team session lasts 12 weeks and there are 4 sessions per year. The Individualized program is a monthly program. There are no prerequisite classes/sessions required to enroll. You can continue enrolling in consecutive sessions to continue your progress or stagger your sessions depending on your availability.


Please see our mechlabs website for pricing.

This program is COVID Compliant. Full social distancing and safety protocols are in place. Team sessions are part virtual and part small group in person. The Individual program can also be attended virtually or in person.