We believe watching sport surrounded by friends is the ultimate social experience. There is nothing like being at the game, surrounded by 80,000 fellow fans, experiencing the exultant highs and crushing lows of sporting drama on the pitch. You feel connected - part of something bigger.

The thing is, there are only so many seats, and they can only be in one place. Imagine a world where anyone, anywhere, could feel the game as if they were there.

That's what we're doing at MatchPint. We are building a global ‘stadium’ that could fill the Met Life 100 times over – a stadium with a capacity of 8.25M, not 82,500, made up of pubs, bars, cafes, fan zones, and living rooms. Rather than East and West stands, there will be London and Sydney ‘stands’. Rather than seat J37, fans will book in to the Dog & Duck, the Ship Inn, or Sarah’s living room.

Over the next 5 years, our mission is simple:

  1. Build a digitally-connected global stadium with capacity for 8.25M fans. To achieve this, we leverage a SaaS product which enables venues televising sport to organise, market, optimise and measure their sports offering, thus driving footfall & revenue
  2. Use the data generated from venues to fill that stadium with social sports fans who use MatchPint's free mobile app and website to identify and arrange the best place place to watch the match with their friends
  3. We leverage these highly engaged networks of both venues and sports fans, through gamification mechanics and an innovative vouchering platform to monetise the stadium through brand partnerships (drinks, food, merchandise, payments etc). These powerful and measurable through-the-line digital campaigns engage social sports fans, elevate their experience, and drive clear commercial returns for both partners and for MatchPint.

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