👨🏽‍💻 Writing software seems to get all of the glory nowadays. No one ever wonders how that code gets from the developers computer into the hands of the consumers, or how the applications they love so much can handle hundreds of thousands of connections. Pipelines is a technical training series designed to help you understand how you can help organizations deliver software faster and more efficiently, as well as how you can ensure millions of people can access these digital products reliably.

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Journeyman (Intermediate)

⁉️What is Pipelines?

Pipelines is an 8-12 week journey into the world of Software Delivery, Automation and Infrastructure. By the end of the Journey you can expect to have learned the following:

💵 How much is Pipelines?

MASTERMND Academy is a Pay What You Want training series. There is NO REQUIED COST for any Journeys or Excursions on MASTERMND Academy, so signup! You've literally got nothing to lose 🤪 If at any point you do find value in the courses, and want to contribute to our mission of ensuring anyone, anywhere has access to these engineering skills, click the link below!

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