Iā€™m Masih Moghaddam, Welcome to my site.

I'm a product designer and entrepreneur, on a mission to create awesome & useful digital products. With over 12 years in the game, I'm all about design thinking and user-centric solutions. I'm the founder of Webrokh, where we cook up digital products. Whether it's managing projects, mentoring startups, or dreaming up new ventures, I'm all about making the digital world more user-friendly!

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Webrokh . Founder & CEO . 2011 ā€“ Present...

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RobotaLife . Co-Founder & CPO . 2020 ā€“ Present...

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Freelancer . 2008 ā€“ Present...


Hostiran . General Manager . 2011 ā€“ 2013

šŸæ Projects


šŸŽ— Teaching & Mentorship