Presenting Yourself

Look and treat the customer the way they want and in a way that reflects the quality and brand of the car.


Find their hot button. Ask three questions:

  1. What is your number one demand/priority in a car?
    1. Eg: Dependability
  2. What you mean by x?
    1. Clarify what that means to him
    2. Eg: It's operationally dependable
  3. Why is x your number one priority?
    1. This is their primary automotive need
    2. Eg: I can't have the car break down when I need to get to work and leave my patients stranded

With these questions you can interpret it as:

Prove to me that automobile is dependable.

Convince me that price reflects the price I'm paying for a Merc

Assure me one less thing to consume my valuable time.

Presenting the Product

You're not only selling against competitors, but against the other options available for the money like a holiday, boat or cruise, etc.

If Performance is the customer's hot button, your entire presentation should focus on how various features of the car align with that need.

The Demo

Depending on your personality, if you start walking and say "come one, lets go for a drive", without waiting for a response, they'll most likely follow you for a drive. If they don't, you haven't maintained control before.

The salesman takes the car for a drive first and show it's various features. Make the customer feel at ease and talk to them about non-subject things. After 5-10 minutes, you can ask them how the car feels. Make them the feel comfortable in the car and picture themselves in it.