👨🏼‍🎨 I design to solve human problems

I'm a UX Designer and Researcher from Manila and I obsess about design problems and design systems. I'm currently the Head of Design at Growsari. I also previously led design teams at Kalibrr (YC 13) and Mobile app design at OLX Philippines. Beyond my day job I also speak at local tech events about human rights, public health and bike commuting.

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✉️ mllacsamana@gmail.com

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My Work

Here is a selection of my work and my writings.

Creating a better Recruitment space for SMEs

Creating a new product for an entirely new vertical for the business


Creating the Kalibrr Design System "Arsenal"

A look at the largest design system project I've been a part of as well as the things I've learned from it.


Quantifying great candidate experiences in Kalibrr

A brief look at the inspiration and the creation of the Kalibrr Candidate Experience meter and how we decided to measure and quantify the Candidate experience.


Designing an Experience around Disease and Stigma

An in-depth case study that takes a user-centered approach at the HIV testing and problem of the Philippines