Ways to get listed, featured or promoted on starrt.co

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Typically, I will add products I find and think are relevant to the audience as listings in the directory, for free.

I’m still quite selective with these, as I’m aiming for quality and relevance, not just quantity.


For the sake of supporting the costs of the site, and my time, it’s obviously preferable for directory listings to be affiliate links, where possible.

I only add products I recommend on the directory anyway, and I will only sign up to affiliates programs for products I’m keen to promote.


Sponsorship is a kind of upgraded directory listing, where you will also be featured on the homepage of the site and the blog.

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I will occassionally do blog write-ups on resources, or resource use cases. For the reasons listed above, I’m more likely to do this with products that are Affiliates or Sponsors – but it is not in any way a requirement, and I will only promote or write about tools and products I recommend personally.

Mark Bowley | 2023