Thank you for installing Places! This short guide will help you get started with this application.

Using Places for the first time

Since you have just installed Places, you (and everyone using it) will be prompted once to login in order to use it. This is necessary in order any locations added to be stored (and later retrieved) under your account.

Either on settings or on the message box, just follow the prompt and you will be set in no time.


Now, it's time to add locations to it.

This can be easily done by visiting Settings→ Integrations & Apps → Places (click the link to directly open this). You should be able to see something similar to the following.

Adding places

While in the setup page, please click on the "Add new" button. Fill the form that will appear and press the "Save" button.

Editing places

While in the setup page, hover mouse on a place and click on it. Make any changes (or not) and click the "Save" or "Cancel" button.

Deleting places

You can delete a place by clicking the trash icon that would be visible. You will be asked to confirm deletion on the modal that follows.

Using Places while chatting

Places is designed to work when a chat is taking place. It is a message box application, which means it provides a different kind of input for sending a chat message.