We bring people together through extraordinary experiences.

Marco is a platform that helps companies and teams discover, plan, and book best-in-class experiences. At Marco we believe that technology, if done right, can build community. We exist to create memorable experiences that form new relationships and enliven existing ones.

Interested in working with us? Email us at jobs@marcoexperiences.com

Where we are in our journey

We're early in the Marco journey, but have already made some substantial accomplishments:

Life at Marco

We're a distributed company but believe deeply in having a strong culture and building strong personal and professional relationships across our team.

To that end, we meet once per quarter to work together in person. Accommodations and transportation are provided for that week. It's a chance to jam in person on creative problems, get to know folks you may not have met yet, and experience a new place depending on where we're meeting!

Our co-founders

Our Values