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We didn't see this coming

Billy G and Melindas annual letter. Even just reading the headlines is worth it.

Larissa MacFarquhar on Getting Inside Someone's Head - Conversations with Tyler

Interesting conversation that spans many topics.

Poor Sleep Makes People Poor: The Costs of India Standard Time - Marginal REVOLUTION

Alex Tabarrok on sleep in India - interesting.

#1250 - Johann Hari - The Joe Rogan Experience

Interesting interview with Johan Hari about addiction.

One fun story he tells is that anyone who has been to a hospital gets heroin, but everyone who has had a surgery does not end up being an addict. So its not the heroin that's the addictive part. It's the broken part of people that gets mended with drugs -that's the addictive thing. The core of addiction is about not wanting to be present in your life because your life is too painful a place. The easy lessening of pain caused by a broken society that you have no control over.

The latter half is about the drug war, interesting with good stories, but if you've followed the drug war story before there is nothing new under the sun.

A good story from John Gruber on whether or you should cover your webcam. Hint: No need.