The Makerpad blog is a publication about all the great things you can do without needing to code. We want to educate and inspire people to build their own no-code businesses and projects.

What’s a knowledge article?

An editorial blog post or thought piece on a topic relating to no-code and its benefits. Posts can run anywhere from 700 – 2500 words, but usually sit around 1500. Topics include (click each to see an example):

Why should you contribute?

The blog is a great way to amplify yourself as a writer. We share all articles with over 80,000 readers across the blog, newsletter, and our social channels.

You’ll get a byline and a link to your preferred profile in each article you contribute.

Who’s our audience?

People generally in the early stages of launching their own business, those looking for startup ideas, and people already have some knowledge of no-code tools.

How do I submit an article?

<aside> ❗ Before you start writing anything, we need you to familiarize yourself with our content guidelines. These will help you write articles to the right spec, plus ensure they pass all quality checks so we can publish on the site.


When you’re ready, send us an outline here.

We’ll review your outline and if it’s what we’re looking for, we’ll give you the green light so you can go ahead and write the full article. We usually respond to outline submissions within 7 days from receiving them.