<aside> 🌱 Spun-out from Seed Club, mClub is a Grant Giving DAO designed to support creators on Mirror and give hands-on experience to those looking for opportunities in DAOs.



mCLUB aims to:

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How mCLUB Supports Creators

Financial capital: funds raised by the DAO or treasury tokens that could be granted to creators.

Social capital: supporting the creator on Twitter and social media, DAO members reading and responding, sharing creator ideas publicly by DAO members.

DAO members specific support: special guidance by the DAO members with specialties in specific fields such as fundraising, media, acquiring audience, technical things like dealing with NFTs, etc.

Are you a contributor?

mClub provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with web3 creators pushing boundaries. All types of roles are needed to help make creator projects successful and we welcome anyone who is willing and ready to help.

Get Involved

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