Lymia is the #1 tool to source talents in your own talent pool, in Teamtailor. Rediscover top candidates of your ATS in seconds, and start hiring with a ready-to-go, qualified list of candidates you’re already in touch with.

How does it work? First, activate Lymia, and it automatically enriches your ATS profiles with the latest career data available online. Then pick the ideal candidate of your choice for that new role you are opening: Lymia instantly finds in your ATS the top profiles with similar skills and experiences.

Capitalize on your Teamtailor talent pool and reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire by 30%, with Lymia.

Before enabling the integration, you will need a Lymia account. To sign up for an account with Lymia, contact us at 👋 !

Note: Lymia starts delivering its full potential when there are 2k+ candidates in your database, and can handle databases of tens of thousands candidates.

How to enable the integration

You must also be an Admin in Teamtailor to enable the integration.

When you’re ready, follow these three simple steps.

  1. Log in Lymia with the same email address as your Admin account in Teamtailor.


  1. Navigate to the Teamtailor app and go to your account settings, then click on API keys in the menu, under Integrations. Click on New API key in the top right corner.


  1. Enter a name for the API key, and select Admin under API Scope. Select both options Read and Write. Click on Create.