1. Share or join the discussion on ideas
  2. Brainstorm and polish the idea and turn it into a proposal
  3. Vote for the proposal
  4. Assemble the team to work on it
  5. Share the rewards

1. How to make an idea into a project

<aside> 💡 A reliable system to ensure that every creative idea becomes a valuable project


  1. Someone thinks of an idea
  2. This idea is discussed in the relevant forum in general.
  3. If a soft consensus is reached, a high-profile idea is formulated as a forum proposal.
  4. Once a proposal in the forum has gained majority support, it can be converted into a hard consensus by going to snapshot page and launching a proposal
  5. For more sensitive topics, which usually have long-term implications, the forum offer is moved to the snapshot page.

2. How do I get paid?

<aside> 💡 Considering the improvements in the Token program, we are giving out rewards in the form of points here for now, and LX points will be redeemed for tokens at some point in the future


Community points record the value of your contribution to the whole DAO. In the development of the DAO, points are vital to motivating the whole DAO contributors.

At this stage, 1 LX Points ≈ 1 USDC. Later, will be converted to tokens at a reasonable valuation.

If you want to know more about the points and incentive system. 👉

3. What is the lifecycle of initiating a proposal?

<aside> 💡 We accept all kinds of strange and interesting ideas, but for the proposal and efficient execution of the project, only Builder can initiate a formal proposal.