We are extremely happy with this first edition hosted here at Luni! Speakers were awesome, food was delicious and all of you folks brought a super positive energy. We can't wait for the next editions to come 🙌

➡️ If you want to be a speaker for a future edition, please fill this tiny form: https://r6ocorludt6.typeform.com/to/vLPn5GfL


Picture-in-Picture with AVFoundation by Clément Leys



Multi target vs Multi configs by Quentin Fasquel



WWDC21 Student Challenge Experience Feedback by Sascha Sallès

WWDCA21 Student Challenge.pdf

Playground for iPad by Maxime de Chalendar

Cocoaheads Bordeaux 12:10:2021 - Maxime de Chalendar.playgroundbook

📸 Memories

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