Working with a rapidly growing apparel brand that delivers men's basics

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Mack Weldon approached Lunchtime Labs to help oversee the transition from their aging Rails stack to a Shopify-based implementation with a theme and custom apps built by a third party, which would reduce their security concerns and unify their backend with the POS system they use for their brick & mortar.

While maintaining their Rails-based legacy app and handling numerous emergent issues, we asked difficult technical questions of the third party, holding them to task, checking their work, and raising concerns as the cutover deadline approached.

During this time, anticipating issues, we proactively scoped and executed a custom software project, code-named paranoid-android which verifies inventory synchronization between Shopify and our 3PL and provides early identification of distressed orders and returns that are falling behind in the pipeline. This software maintains customer satisfaction and brand reputation every day by allowing for issues with the delivery pipeline to be proactively identified and solved before they turn into angry customers.

Our senior technical leadership managed a sophisticated transition from Spree to Shopify, keeping the Spree app alive for a period of time to continue to process legacy returns in tandem with the new app before eventually spinning it down.