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Poster with graduated purple background with a figure looking up at an alien monolith emitting bright light with text: Planet Fabulon's The Ruins of Zindor An Immersive Theatrical Adventure, October 13th-17th, 302 Geary Ave, presented by Luminato Festival Toronto.

About Creative Current - Ruins of Zindor

Among the ancient ruins of the planet Zindor lies a mysterious Machine. Is this a mighty weapon capable of destroying worlds? Or the secret power source that once fueled the advanced technology of a lost civilization?

Countless intergalactic explorers have crossed galaxies searching for the secret to the Machine.

Many have tried to crack its code. None have succeeded. Until now...

Join fellow space-travelers on the planet Zindor and put your wit and wisdom to the test. Will you be part of the team that finally unlocks the secrets of the Machine? Presented with the creative minds of Planet Fabulon, Ruins of Zindor is a campy, family-friendly adventure that melds hologram theatre with escape room-style puzzles. Wear your best intergalactic explorer outfit and prepare for landing on the planet Zindor!

How to Experience (This is a live event)

Artist and Collaborators

Created by Planet Fabulon in partnership with Astound Group and Body Shop Studios


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